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Meet Jennifer ~ The GlamDen's Owner & Licensed Esthetician

Hi! I'm a mom to three incredible kiddos (a son and fraternal twin daughters), I am a wifey, and I’m also a Licensed Esthetician here in Franklin, Tennessee. I grew up in San Diego, California but have called Nashville my forever-home for over a decade now.

Around my twin girls’ first birthday, I started to feel like I looked OLD. And it started to seriously depress me. Sure, I was a mom of three now, of course I was going to be tired, but I had to permanently LOOK tired??? ...No! I was in my early thirties and I just felt like I was aging before my time. It depressed me. Oh, and as a teen I suffered from horrific cystic acne (having had to go on Accutane TWICE), so as soon as the pimples went away, I swear, it’s like- then I got lines and wrinkles!! I was not OK with it all. I just didn’t want to accept that as my permanent reality.

Sooooo, it was then that I decided to DO something about it and get some professional HELP. I went to a Dermatologist and a Esthetician and it ABSOLUTELY CHANGED MY LIFE. Literally. Not only did I discover that I could actually reverse some of my skin damage and get rid of my adult acne... but I realized it was actually possible to AGE GRACEFULLY. And as dramatic as it sounds, it gave me hope. It made me happy. And it became an obsession. I went to Esthetics school, graduated as Valedictorian, and I am still as crazy-in-love with Esthetics as ever.

This is truly my PASSION: skincare, beauty, and YOU. It’s all I want to talk about and all I want to do. It’s almost an obsession, really. And I mean it when I say that there’s nothing that gives me more joy than my girl-time with YOU, beautiful momma.

It is my biggest hope that you leave The GlamDen Spa feeling pampered, relaxed, happy, glowing, and just absolutely gorgeous.  I seriously can’t wait to see you soon. 



Jennifer Barlow- Licensed Esthetician  & Owner of The GlamDen

Jennifer Barlow- Licensed Esthetician & Owner of The GlamDen

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About The GlamDen

Where Spa Meets Medical

Jennifer believes in the marriage of spa and medical influences for the very best skincare outcome. She understands the importance of pampering hardworking moms while utilizing medical skin correction techniques so clients see REAL changes in their skin.

Cozy Home Spa Environment

As a mother of three, Jennifer created a cozy, comfortable, and feminine spa right in her very own home, allowing her clients (who often happen to be mommas themselves) to come for pampering and skin rejuvenation at times that are convenient for busy parenting schedules.

Organic Skincare that Works

One of the most important aspects of great skin is proper home-care. The GlamDen features organic skincare products that use clean and beautiful ingredients- that not only smell heavenly, but provide real, noticeable changes to the skin.